Biodynamic Champagnes For New Year\’s Eve


It\’s that time again. New Year\’s celebrations call for champagne, and why not start the year right by making the drink of choice a biodynamic one. Some great ones to try are A & J Beaufort, Benoit Lahaye, Champagne David Léclapart, Champagne Fleury and Champagne Françoise Bedel et Fils. You can read more about them in this Forbes article by OWJ Editor Adam Morganstern.

And over at Organic Authority, writer Donna Sozio has an interview with the \”bad boy\”of Champagne: Frederic Zeimett of Champagne Leclerc Briant in Epernay. One nice quote:

I wish for all of Champagne to realize that heavy use of chemical products is not the best practice for the future of farming. In fact, I would love for the Champagne region to forget about the word “INDUSTRY” altogether. Too much in Champagne is done in an industrial manner. We believe there is a better way then using chemicals produced from substances such as petrol to fight disease in the vineyards, or producing wines similar to a large industry like milk or beer. By utilizing organic and biodynamic techniques, one can still produce beautiful wines representative of the region (Leclerc Briant is the proof).


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