Randall Grahm Interview On Popelouchum Project

At Wine FTW, Louise Hurren interviews Randall Grahm about his new Popelouchum Project:

\”The whole notion behind the initiative is really predicated on the idea that the New World has really been hopelessly imitative of the Old – we haven’t yet discovered our unique and distinctive voice. My idea is that growing varietal blocks of grapes is quite limiting – we’ll never find the degree of congruence that the Old World has discovered with their centuries of iteration – but maybe by growing completely heterogeneous blocks, every vine genetically distinct from the other, we can produce a wine of real complexity, and allow the soil characteristics of the wine, rather than the varietal characteristics, to emerge. It’s my hope that I’ll be able to produce a wine from our Popelouchum Estate in San Juan Bautista, reflective of the great quality of terroir I know it to possess. Secondarily, we might find certain vines that are particularly well suited to the site, or which have utterly unique (and favourable) characteristics.\”


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