Organic Wine And The American Wine Consumer

The Sonoma State University Wine Business Institute released a new annual study they\’ve started conducting about American wine consumption. Here are their findings for 2014 as relates to organic wine:

Though the Organic Trade Association reports that 41% of American consumers are now buying organic food, this number is not as high with organic beverages. That could explain why only 16% of this sample said they look for organic wine as part of their decision-making process. Listing “sustainable” on the label only was important to 10% and “biodynamic” to 6%. Other research indicates that many Americans assume that most wine is organic anyway and therefore don’t look for these cues, and some consumers confuse the term “biodynamic” with “genetically modified,” which can be a deterrent to purchase.

We\’re emailing for the full report, but some quick thoughts until then. It\’s not surprising that more people look for organic food than wine. For many, the simple word combination of \”organic\” and \”wine\” still conjures up the idea of a wine with something missing, like diet soda. It\’s the first year of the study so we\’ll see how that 16% figure changes over time.

The more interesting thing, of course, is the claim that \”many Americans assume that most wine is organic anyway.\” We\’ll be delving into that once we get the full study. The authors of the report are professors Dr. Liz Thach, MW, Dr. Janeen Olsen and Dr. Tom Aktin.


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