Newsweek Slams Natural Wines

Or at least it seems that way. A title like \”Why ‘Natural’ Wine Tastes Worse Than Putrid Cider\” just doesn\’t seem positive. Maybe I\’m reading it wrong.

What natural wine devotees think is pure, clean and authentic can taste for others like putrid apple cider or just as bad – -characterless, bland and acidic.

No, that\’s definitely bad. I would like to point out that according to the author\’s own writing, this merely equates Natural Wines with putrid apple cider – it does not say how it is worse, as stated in the title. Is he going by price, bottle variation or whether the labels are prettier? He doesn\’t say.

To back up his claim, author Bruce Palling speaks with a whopping total of one wine broker and cites one bad experience at a restaurant he had. He also states the natural wine movement didn\’t take off until Noma started serving them.

For a rational response, please read what Alice Feiring has to say.


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