Emmanuel Giboulot Fined €500 Euros

Organic winemaker Emmanuel Giboulot has been fined €500 (around $685) for refusing to spray his vineyards, located in the Côte D\’Or region, against insects spreading the disease flavescence dorée.

From The Guardian:

Scores of Giboulot\’s supporters, including Green MEP Sandrine Bélier, had gathered outside the court in Dijon to hear the verdict. The judge ruled in line with the prosecution\’s demand that he should receive a fine of €1,000, with €500 suspended. Giboulot, 51, announced that he would appeal, and said after the hearing: \”I still don\’t feel guilty. It\’s intolerable today to be forced to hide and to be frightened for taking a stand.\”

The case has aroused strong feelings in France among the winegrower\’s supporters and opponents in the wine industry. An online petition criticising the potential penal sentence gathered more than half a million signatures.

Giboulot refused to comply with the official instructions on crop spraying on the ground that the insecticide caused collateral damage among pollinating insects, including bees.


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