W. Blake Gray on The Organic Divide Between U.S. and Europe

From Wine-Searcher:

Patrick Guiraud, president of Sudvinbio, claims there isn\’t much support among European vintners to eliminate sulfites from organic wines. The EU will revisit organic wine regulations next year, to discuss whether to continue to allow sugar to be added (chaptalization) and whether to allow new wine additives that have come on the market since 2012. But sulfites are not currently on the agenda.

\”In the U.S. that issue was dropped into the activist community, which had a knee-jerk response,\” says Paul Chartrand, who imports organic wines from Europe to the U.S. \”In Europe the winemaking community is a much bigger part of society. You find some producers in Europe making no-sulfite wines, but very few want to make all their wines that way. They don\’t want to change the world of organic wine.\”

But many Europeans would like to change the U.S. definition of organic wine. Guiraud said the influx of newly certified organic producers in France has created a situation where the country has more organic wine to sell than it has buyers.


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