New York Times Editorial on Organic Wine – Some Clarification

We posted a link yesterday to an editorial in the New York Times about a winemaker in Burgundy being prosecuted because he is refusing to use Pyrevert to help combat a contagious bacterial disease in the region.

While it doesn\’t directly say it, a reading of the editorial implies that use of Pyrevert might threaten the organic status of the vineyards. Lisa Bell, who works with Natural Merchants, has pointed out to us that Pyrevert is a plant-based pesticide, and is allowed under organic rules.

The core issue remains – should a winemaker be forced to spray his vineyards with something he feels is dangerous and ineffective? This is also a reminder that \’organic\’ is simply whatever governments choose to call it, and that each winemaker has their own standards for how they want to tend to their vineyards.

We\’ll be covering this issue more in-depth shortly.


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