Domaine Des 2 Anes Fontanilles 2009


I found myself in Soho on two separate occasions this past week, and one wine reared its lovely head on each trip — once by the glass at Cocotte, and the second time in a conversation with Paul Shaked at The Cleveland, who was bemoaning the fact that he couldn’t get his hands on any more of it.

The wine that all that buzz in Soho was about was the Domaine Des 2 Anes Fontanilles 2009. The cepage is 60% ancient vine Carignan, and the balance is a combination of Syrah and Grenache Noir. It’s fermented in stainless steel tanks, and it’s simply amazing.

Domaine Des 2 Anes is a winery in Corbieres in the Languedoc region of France, owned by the husband and wife team of Magali and Dominque Terrier. Dominque works wonders in the vineyard, and Magali does her magic in the winery. The “2 Anes” refers to their two donkeys, who help with the pruning.

All of 2 Anes’ wines are certified biodynamic by ecocert, and they’re all made with natural yeasts, with no filtration or fining. For around $15 you’ll be treated a mouthful of dark plums, herbs and a hint of semi-sweet chocolate. This wine is bright, alive and sublime. With grilled lamb, pork, chicken, or veggies? Oh yeah.

Domaine Des 2 Anes is imported into the United States by Jenny & Francois Selections.

About the author: Andy Besch came to wine as a second career when he opened West Side Wine fourteen years ago on New York’s Upper West Side. WSW came to be known as the wine shop in the neighborhood for organic/biodynamic/natural wines. He has since sold the shop, and is enjoying diving even deeper into the world of natural wine.


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