Biodynamic Winemaker Prosecuted For Not Using Insecticide

From Decanter:

Emmanuel Giboulot, a biodynamic winemaker in Beaune, has been threatened with a €30,000 fine and six months in prison for not treating his vines against the flavesence dorée disease.

Giboulot is being prosecuted by the DRAAF-SRAL (an arm of the Agricultural Ministry that has enforcing powers) for not following the Cote d’Or-wide directive to systematically treat vines against the leaf hopping insect known as scaphoideus titanus.

His reason:

My father began converting to organic farming in the 1970s, and we are now fully organic and biodynamic,’ Giboulot told ‘I don’t want to undo decades of work applying a treatment where the effects on the health of the vines, and the public, are as yet unproved.


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