Harvest Report 2013 – Oregon – Evesham Wood

It was quite an interesting growing season this year. We started with a moderately early budbreak, followed by a warm relatively dry summer and by mid-August it was looking to be an early harvest and if anything I was hoping for things to cool down. That outlook just continued into September and on September 19th we began picking our estate Pinot Noir.

We continued moving up our easterly sloped Le Puits Sec vineyard, picking block by block and began bringing in fruit from many of our contracted vineyards until September 27th when the epic rains began to fall; remnants of a typhoon in Japan. At this point we had brought in about 60% of our fruit (all of Le Puits Sec had been picked) and we waited. We waited 6 days, during which we received record rainfall and then the sun came back out and stayed for weeks.

For the most part we achieved optimal ripeness (for the elegant style of Pinot noir we strive to produce), although there were a couple blocks we were forced to pick a bit sooner than we would have ideally liked due to botrytis pressure. It\’s always a balance.


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