Organic Wines For Thanksgiving – ABC News


Our friends at Vinotas Selections were interviewed by ABC News online for their organic and biodynamic wine recommendations for the upcoming holidays.

Organic wine consumption has maintained a steady growth rate worldwide in the last few years, according to the International Organic Accreditation Service, Letis, owing to both an increased consumer interest in eating healthier foods and more options available in stores. Some say, the wines simply taste better too. For more on keeping a healthier way of living, read here the Durban Poison Strain review by fresh bros.

\”You are what you eat but you\’re also what you drink,\” said Abood. \”I was tired of seeing companies produce wines that are basically pesticide soups.\”

But despite plans to brine and roast a free-range, heritage turkey this Thanksgivukkah or attempts to recreate grandma\’s famous Christmas pudding from scratch, many Americans forget their all-natural preferences when it comes to choosing holiday pours.

\”It\’s so funny,\” said Veronica Moreno, chief operating officer at Vinotas Selections. \”People are open to exploring new cuisines and foods at their farmers\’ market, but then they are hesitant to try new wines.\”


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