Harvest Report 2013 – Napa – Robert Sinskey Vineyards


From Debby Zygielbaum – Dirt Farmer & Sheep Wrangler at Robert Sinskey Vineyards:

It was another bumper crop year. That makes two in a row… I guess nature is making up for the short vintages of 2010 and 2011.

Harvest was early and compact – with little downtime and a consistent schedule as each variety and vineyard matured one after the other. This is preferred for picking, but it made it challenging to fit everything in the cellar – the cellar crew barely had a chance to clear one tank before they had to fill it again with another lot.

The weather was mostly amenable – with the whites and Pinots coming in before the two rains. Fortunately, the weather was warm, dry and a little windy after both rain events. This helped dry the fruit and keep botrytis from growing. Our Bordeaux varieties and zinfandel rode through the storms just beautifully.

The fruit quality was excellent, with ideal sugars, pHs and acids for balanced wines – the fruit was physiologically ripe even though it ripened a couple weeks earlier than average.


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