Harvest Report 2013 – Sonoma – Benziger Family Winery


Here\’s a report from Mike Benziger about the 2013 harvest, from September 24th:

We started about 10 days early and have been picking every day, almost every type and almost everywhere. We finished Sauvignon Blanc September 19th and it smells and tastes excellent—hay, alfalfa and melon. Production levels are ahead of last year, believe it or not! I like finishing Sauvignon Blanc before the fall equinox – this usually means super fresh! Chardonnay picking is winding up now and we will finish on September 26th; two weeks ahead of last year. The quality is very good—nice citrus, apple and peach flavors; absolutely no complaints here. Tonnage is also about the same for us as last year.

This week, September 23rd, things are getting crazier because we are picking reds, whites and rosés at the same time. The Pinot we have picked is top notch—like velvet with beautiful berry and spicy aromas! We are well into the Merlots and got our first Cabernet Sauvignon on September 18th, also two weeks early. It looks like we will be 50%+ done (September 26th) and so far, it looks like another dream harvest. I’ve never seen two back to back harvests like this!


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