Organic Wines at Whole Foods

Interview at Wine Spectator with Doug Bell, the global wine and beer buyer for the Whole Foods chain. He estimates that 10% of their wines are organic, biodynamic or sustainable. He also says he argues with wineries to put their practices on the label.

You have many wineries—some famous ones in Napa and Bordeaux and Burgundy and the Rhône—that practice organically and biodynamically and they\’re chicken-shit to put it on the back of the label. Guys, you\’re sitting here showing me all this stuff you do. It\’s not inexpensive to be organic, the yields are usually lower; why don\’t you put that on your label? \”We don\’t want to do it.\” You have an attribute there that the other 10 Sauvignon Blancs in a mile of you don\’t have; why don\’t you put it on your label? \”Oh, it\’s just too expensive to get the certification.\” We\’ve been working with wineries for many years to push this cause.

Green Talk: The Man Behind Whole Foods' Wine Department | Green Talk | News & Features | Wine Spectator.


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