Coturri, Truffle & Exotic Mushroom Winemaker Dinner at Millennium Restaurant – San Francisco

On January 23rd, Eric Tucker & his team will provide a 5-course prix fixe meal featuring truffles & other exotic mushrooms with the uniquely natural & complex organic wines from Coturri Winery. Eric, Todd Spanier–KING OF MUSHROOMS & Tony Coturri, a third generation winemaker who has been making wine since 1964 will be present during the dinner to talk about food, wine & mushrooms!

Join us for this very special evening in our private wine room at Millennium Restaurant.

SNEAK PEEK MENU (more will be added and subject to small changes):

2011 Rose
Porcini Poutine
fries, gravy, \”cheese\” curds

2007 Syrah
The \”Cheese\” Course
Chanterelle mushroom butter, Aged Macadamia nut cheese, fig chutney, toasted bauguette

2009 Carignane
Agedashi Tofu, carignane dashi, mirin glazed Matsutake mushrooms, red date & scallion jasmine rice cake, seared Asian vegetables, sea vegetable & yuzu relish

2007 Cabernet Sauvignon
Spelt Gigli Pasta, stewed tomatoes, Velvet Pioppini mushrooms, \”meatballs\”

1999 Merlot
Pierogis, creamy potato filling, braised cabbage, Black Chanterelle mushrooms & caramelized onions, shaved Black Truffles!

2007 Zinfandel
Chocolate Bombe, rum & zinfandel soaked cake, sweet potato ice cream, orange-chocolate shell, Candy Cap mushroom caramel, candied orange

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013
5-course prix fixe menu with Coturri wine pairings
$95/person (before tax/gratuity)
Space is limited, please call Alison for a seat at the table


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