Isabelle Legeron Named One of Wine World\’s Most Powerful Women


The Drinks Business named Isabelle Legeron, founder of London\’s Natural Wine Fair and RAW, one of the wine world\’s most powerful women. But, as Meg Houston Maker pointed out on Facebook, what\’s up with the illustration they chose for the article?


3 responses to “Isabelle Legeron Named One of Wine World\’s Most Powerful Women”

  1. A hearty congratulations to Isabelle! I’m happy to report that in response to public outcry, The Drinks Business took down the insulting initial illustration, which can best be described as a stripper silhouette posing under a wine glass. The first replacement was another silhouette of a woman—this one evidently in a nightie—but that didn’t fly with the community, either. So the article now sports a stock art shot of grapes, and while it’s not perfect, either, at least now readers might be able to focus on the article’s true content: profiles of accomplished winemakers.

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