Laura Collier Is Still Drinking Organic Wine

Three reasons weren\’t enough, so Laura Collier has added a fourth installment on why she drinks organic wine over at The Wine Feed Blog. We always try to promote organic wines for their quality, but you can\’t deny the farming benefits as well, which is what she discusses in this installment:

As discussed in my second and third blog posts, organic farming helps keep the soils, vines, and ecosystems healthy, and also protects biodiversity and water sources, thus enabling future generations of the farming community to successfully thrive. Organic farming is thus good for the long-term sustainability of a community. Furthermore, organic farming prevents damage to neighboring farms in the community by eliminating pesticide drift. In communities where some farmers utilize agrochemicals, some of these chemicals “drift” through the air or through soil/water runoff onto neighboring farms, causing damage to the crops and the land. A farm that utilizes organic practices does not do damage to its neighbor, and the community is better off as a whole.

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