Randall Grahm on Fox Business

Fox Business did a profile of Randall Grahm:

Start with the grape-growing methods of medieval French monks. Add in a spiritual science called “biodynamics,” which was formulated in the 1920s by German philosopher Rudolf Steiner and spawned the international organic movement. Mix together with artisanal techniques that promote heirloom fruits and vegetables, protect water tables and maintain nutrients in soil — and you have the wine that has become Randall Grahm’s life’s work.

After three decades in the wine business, at age 59, Grahm has committed to producing vin de terroir, or \”wine of place” (from the French terre for “earth”) in the New World. This Old World model cultivates grapes that so intensely express the alchemy of a specific place — climate, geology, soil, water, biodiversity, biochemical composition, ecosystem — the wines produced from them offer consummate originality and quality that can’t be reproduced anywhere else.

“The holy grail is to make a completely differentiated product,” says Grahm. “In this new weird economy, you have to either do something more efficient than anyone else, [more] cost-effective, or you must produce an utterly distinctive product. From an agronomic standpoint, that’s wine that expresses a sense of place. It’s unique, costly, tedious and risky. But, ultimately, if you achieve it, you’ll have something infinitely precious.”


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