Interview with Gaston Hochar of Chateau Musar


Gaston Hochar of Chateau Musar was interviewed on MarcoPolis and had some interesting comments on why he prefers his wine to be called \”natural\” instead of \”organic:\”

\”There is a trend in the industry for two things: one for bio-dynamic wines and one for organic wines. Bio-dynamic is something that is very specific and organic is something also quite different. Our vineyards are certified organic so I can say we tend to follow the natural path, and we have had this certificate issued for the last 5 years, but I tend to prefer the term natural wines to organic wines.

Organic wine is more a term or a word that has been used more for marketing purposes and Chateau Musar having a certain unicity and typicity, it has a certain level of quality in the world of wine and we do not want to have our product put in a space that is just organic.

We want to be Chateau Musar. In fact in the wine and grape production, we go far beyond the requirements of the organic status so this is why we tend to say that we produce natural wines and not just organic wines.\”


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