A natural wine blogger’s view of London’s RAW fair – Arnold Waldstein

From Arnold Waldstein:

Should we leave natural as a term in the vineyard?

Over two days, I tasted not only with enthusiasts, but wine journalists, natural wine deniers, and friends who smile at my ‘natural’ passion.

Many who would argue with me fervently over natural as a useful consumer umbrella. I learned that these are semantic disputes over terminology and marketing, not quality. At the fair, these same individuals were dragging me this way and that, introducing me to their favorite producers, who just happened to be natural winemakers exhibiting at RAW.

We had fun. I discovered new winemakers to follow. We tasted and shared and once inside the fair, never discussed what natural meant. We simply tasted it.

But the truth remains that as a consumer, even a wine blogger, I would simply not have found these wines, nor have come to London, had Isabelle not gathered this broad community together in one place under this idea encapsulated in a word. Words are icons of thoughts and they matter.

I believe in natural wine as a category for consumer discovery.


One response to “A natural wine blogger’s view of London’s RAW fair – Arnold Waldstein”

  1. Glad you enjoyed the post.

    As more and more amazing wines become available for US consumers, the question is really, how to find and buy them.

    I believe strongly that ‘Natural’ is a category of value, especially in a connected world.

    Brands of shops and online venues will be built around this. It’s a great frontier, just in front of us.

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