RAW fair & TheRealWineFair – afterthoughts

From vinonaturalis:

We’d tasted over 170 samples of white, orange, rose, red and sparkling wines. As always, some shouldn’t have been there (samples, I mean), but many were really good, excellent I’d say. One can find absolutely stunning wines from all over the planet, but I was focusing on wines primarily from Italy, France and Georgia, the new – old player in the wine world. I was pleasantly surprised by some rieslings from Austria and Germany. Quite different from classic stuff from there. But let’s get back to the main players. Italy and France still lead the way in natural wine world. I’d say though, and this is my personal, non-expert opinion, that Italy (and Slovenia) produce some of the best natural white (and orange) wines in the world. The best white and orange samples in my book come from Italy and Slovenia. Of course there are fantastic whites and also some oranges “Made in France”, but many of french natural whites are still too similar to conventional french whites, with too much vanilla, almond, even smoke in smell and taste.


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