Organic Wine Keeps Gaining Ground in Bordeaux

The other week we posted about Chateau Margaux Going Organic, and now there will be the first Sauternes Grand Cru as well:

Organic wine growing is gaining ground in France where a Bordeaux Sauternes \”grand cru\”, the highest classification level, has just been awarded the official biological farming (AB) logo.

Chateau Guiraud 2011 will be the first of the region\’s top Sauterne wines to carry the logo, some 15 years after one of its owners, Xavier Planty, first started to experiment with organic farming.

It all started in 1996 when Planty decided he was fed up with constant chemical treatment of his cornfields and of his own private 15 hectares (37 acres) of vineyards.
Two years earlier, a friend of his who spent his whole life treating fields with chemicals, had died of cancer, and he decided \”to work differently\”.

Full story here.


One response to “Organic Wine Keeps Gaining Ground in Bordeaux”

  1. With an organic wine appellation wines closer to industrial than artisanal wines. The winemaker can use sugar, yeast, flash pasteurization, the reverse omose and other inputs. You will see more organic vineyard …
    At least the kids can jog in the vineyard without poisoning with chemicals.
    It will take a really natural appellation wines

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