Chateau Margaux Gets Experimental – The Wine Sleuth

We posted the other week about Chateau Margaux\’s organic future. The Wine Sleuth attended a tasting where they presented three wines all made the same way except the grapes from one were organic, the second biodynamic and the third from conventional farming. Guess which one the tasters preferred:

So how did they come out in the blind taste test? I found the biodynamic wine the most exiting of the three. Rich, deep and broody blackcurrant are what I have scrawled on my notes. A little bit green but nothing off putting with an earthy finish. There was a very enticing quality about this wine, as soon as I tasted it, I immediately liked it.

The room was divided as to their favourite, being almost tied between the biodynamic and organic, the conventional one not winning many adherents.

See The Wine Sleuth for the full post.


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