White Bordeaux, Chianti Classico from Organic Grapes

It\’s time to get back to some specific wines and I have tasted two since returning from France which are available in the United States and made from organically grown grapes.

Chateau Laubarit 2007 Entre-Deux-Mers – Or, we\’re talking white Bordeaux if that makes things a little easier. Forget it\’s Bordeaux and you can forget it\’s French. This is great white wine.

The white is a blend of 60 percent Sauvignon Blanc, 20 percent Semillon, and 20 percent Muscadelle. It\’s a white you could drink alone, as a cocktail or with dinner. I served a guest, who is not a big white drinker, this wine with roasted pork chops and roasted herbed potatoes and he loved it!

This is easy drinking wine with enough complexity to satisfy any wine drinker. The Semillon and Muscadelle give the wine a super soft palate feel. The alcohol content is a low 12 percent. At $16, you won\’t find a white that drinks any easier with this much palate pleasing presence.

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