Lyle Fass On Top Wine Trends


Lyle Fass picked his top five wine trends of the past year on Natural Wine is one of them:

Natural wine people reject the excessive (as they see it) use of sulfur and only use a minimal amount at bottling to keep the wine stable. Why do they use sulfur? Most wine would barely age two months if sulfur is not used. Huge statement, I know, but the science backs it up. I don’t want to bore you with the details, but I believe sulfur is necessary, though there are people who use it too liberally. How’s that for not taking a position? But one thing is undeniable, when natural wine is good, it is as wonderful and as exciting as wine can get.

Read the rest of his five trends here, and while you\’re at it sign up for his course, Learn The Secrets To Buying Wine Worth Your Money.


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