De Martino Wins Top Honor from Wines of Chile

From Opici Wines:

De Martino was chosen as “Winery of the Year” at the 9th Annual Wines of Chile Awards held on November 17th at Casas de Lo Matta in Santiago, Chile. Unique methods of wine production coupled with their commitment to decreasing their carbon footprint were determining factors in selecting De Martino for this important award. “We have always sought the highest standard of quality for our wines, but have never compromised our deep respect for the vineyards and their surrounding environments,” commented Marco Antonio De Martino, Commercial Manager at the winery.

One of the largest organic wine producers in Chile, De Martino was the first certified carbon-neutral winery in South America. Their commitment to preserving their land includes measuring their water usage to reduce their environmental impact and producing wines that accurately represent Chile’s uniqueness.

Chief Winemaker, Marcelo Retamal, is constantly searching for new and exciting terroirs. “Being recognized as ‘Winery of the Year’ is a great incentive for all of us at De Martino, as it motivates us to continue our quest for innovation and, above all, to produce wines which accurately represent their place of origin,” stated Retamal. As a result of their continuous experimentation, they have become specialists in the cultivation of high altitude vineyards in the Andes mountain range, such as those in the Choapa and Elqui Valleys. It has also challenged itself to restore old vineyards in the Maule Valley.

Family-owned since it was founded in 1934, De Martino has been a pioneer in South American winemaking, being the first to accomplish many feats. From its certification as carbon-neutral to bottling Carmenere in its purity. They continue to strive for more without sacrificing their principles.


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  1. Pretty interesting and complete post. I would like to highlight that De Martino is the second largest organic wine producer in Chile.

    Regards from Santiago.

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