Stefano Bellotti of Cascina degli Ulivi

There\’s an interview at the Louis/Dressner site with Stefano Bellotti of Cascina degli Ulivi.

In 1984, I met an farmer who was working biodynamically. I instantly saw an agriculture that was working better. As a kid who grew up in the materialistic 70\’s, I didn\’t quite trust the whole biodynamic vision, but I saw the results and knew something about it was working. So I started, and I am very happy. It has opened up the world for me, made it more complex and interesting.

A lot of people think biodynamic agriculture is some sort of religion. It\’s not. When you see the results, you can see that it\’s an agricultural model that works. And if one day a better model comes along (or contributes to biodynamics), I\’ll be very happy!

Read the full interview.


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