Spanish Organic Wines Travel To ProWein

From Wines From Spain:

Organic wine is a product whose consumption has experienced major growth in recent years. Many experts highlight the product as the sector’s future, especially on mature markets as in the case of Europe. Following this trend, the Spanish Federation of Organic Product Companies (FEPECO) is coordinating the exhibition of around 20 Spanish organic winemaking bodegas at ProWein, one of the most important wine fairs in Europe, which will take place in Düsseldorf (Germany) from 4th to 6th March 2012.

FEPECO will bring together 20 bodegas from several Spanish regions on its 72 m² stand in a joint effort aimed at marketing Spanish organic wine. In addition to coordinating the stand and the logistics behind the exhibition, the federation will also offer exhibitors a service to boost international trade links with potential buyers.

The ProWein fair is an international benchmark on the European and as well as global wine scene. In its last edition, 3,600 exhibitors took part from more than 50 countries, with more than 39,000 trade visitors, from both home and abroad, passing through its pavilions. In its 2012 edition ProWein will offer an exclusive space focusing on organic wines, a space which will host FEPCO as well as other similar associations from countries such as France and Germany.

Germany is the number one importer of Spanish fine wines. Figures from January to September 2011 indicate that Spanish wine exports to the country registered €230 million (€107 million generated by DO wines) with a volume of 214 million litres. These figures represent substantial growth over the same period the previous year of 11 per cent by value and 13 per cent by volume.

Organic wine is a sector which is particularly dynamic in Spain thanks to the enthusiastic investment being carried out in the product by many bodegas. During the period 2010-2011, the vineyard surface-area committed to organic agriculture tripled and the number of bodegas making this type of wine increased from 340 a 460, according to figures from MARM.


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