Organic Wine – Scottish Style

If organic wine can penetrate the single-malt-mindset of Scotland then you know some serious inroads have been made. Stuart McCluskey, who runs The Bon Vivant’s Companion in Edinburgh had this to say about his selections:

“There’s a developing trend in organic and biodynamic wines but now there’s a demand for natural wine in which there’s minimal chemical and technological intervention allowed in the wine making production process. These wines can vary quite considerably in their quality, but I’ve tasted some wonderful ones which will enable me to offer something to the more environmentally-conscious wine drinker.”

Of course we\’d like to point out plenty of non-organic wines are of varying quality as well, but we think his outlook is positive. Though, if we\’re ever in town at his store, we\’ll probably be trying the single malts ourselves – just for a change of pace.

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