Guillot-Broux 2011 Vintage Report

Over at the Jenny & Francois blog they have a harvest report from Emmanuel Guillot-Broux:

2011 was a peculiar and difficult year. The year started with a dry spring and summer with not a single drop of water from March to the 15 of July. The result was we moved the harvest ahead 3 weeks. June started perfectly with no mildew or oedium and a very good rhythm for the work in the vinyard. In July we were really worried and concerned about the lack of rain, and the vines were at the limit. After the traditionnal 14th of July celebration, we started to have rain and far too much until the end of August. The result of that weather was all the grasses started to grow very quickly. Normally August is a quiet time for us in the vineyard, but this year we had to cut the grass. During the spring we have to plow because the vines are growing so the grass need to be removed, but in August usually everything is in place and the grass has no effect on the production. The more it rains the more the grass grows, which is usually helpful, because it helps dry the soil. The only negative side effect which needs to be watched is the grass needs to be cut as soon as possible because long grasses can retain the humidity and create some rot on the grapes.

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