The Feiring Line: Bonneau de Martray

Nice post by Alice Feiring on Bonneau de Martray and some insights into organic vs. biodymanics. At least in one man\’s experience:

He started to work 1/2 of each vineyard in organic the other 1/2 in Biodynamics. His aim was to be as scientific as possible using the different techniques on same slope and soil types.

They picked and vinified the sixteend different parcels separately.

\”The first thing that we saw were the soils,\” he said.

Jean-Charles is a self-doubter and he was eager to see what other people could see, just in case he was fooling himself. When Martin Gold of Martin Scott came to visit in 2010, J-C took him to the vines in the rain. \”Look at the soils,\” he said.

Martin saw the difference. Jean-Charles said, \”He saw that the perfumes were richer and deeper in the Biodynamic vines. The soils under the Biodynamic vines absorbed the water better. The soil was not as clumpy as in the organic, the moisture was quickly absorbed. and the soil was not clumpy but absorbed.\”

In the end, the soils have better structure and better ability to resist erosion.

Read the full post at The Feiring Line.


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