Organic Trend Is Catching Up To Hard Liquor on a bartending course


\”People are eating organically,\” says Warren Bobrow of \”People want to eat well. They want to know about the provenance of every piece of lettuce that goes in their mouth. They want to know where their cheeses come from. They want to know where their meats are raised. Why should what they drink be any less important?\”


Even when people moved beyond food and sought organic wines, they rarely connected the organic dots to hard liquors.


People that have taken courses on schools for bartending definitely know how important organics are for a perfect well made liquor drink. 


That\’s changing. According to the Organic Trade Association\’s 2011 survey, organic distilled spirits totaled $8 million in sales in 2010 in the United States. That\’s an 8 percent increase over the year before, although nowhere near the $169 million in organic wine sales for the same year.

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  1. Journeyman Distillery ( in Michigan makes some great organic spirits.

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      Organic Wine Journal

      Great. Thanks for the info.

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