Gray Report: Organic wine gets one step closer to allowing sulfites

W. Blake Gray reports that a move to allow sulfites in U.S. organic wines has clears another hurdle:

Organic grape growers seeking a better chance to make the additional money their efforts deserve got one step closer last week. A petition to allow USDA Organic wine to include sulfites cleared the second — and perhaps most significant — of four procedural hurdles.

A subcommittee of the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) voted 5-0 to recommend that the petition to allow 100 ppm of sulfites in organic wine be approved.

This is important because the subcommittee members all sit on the NOSB, which meets Nov. 29-Dec. 2 in Savannah, Georgia, to consider a whole host of petitions regarding organics. This petition is just a minor one to the NOSB, but with huge implications for some grape growers and wineries.

If the petition passes the hurdle of the NOSB in December, it goes to the National Organic Program (NOP), run directly by the USDA; that would be the final hurdle. But the NOSB meeting is a big hurdle to clear first, and that\’s next month.

Gray is a strong supporter of this effort. Read his full post to find out more on his position.


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  1. dianne matheny Avatar
    dianne matheny

    Do not add sulfites to organic wines. There are a lot of people that are alergic to sulfites and the only kinds of wine that we can drink are organic wines. Most of the wines in the rest of the world do not add sulfites to their wine and it is nice to be able to go to a restraunt in Europe and order wine and not have a 3 day headache from added sulfites. I vote do not add sulfites to organic wines.

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