Domaine Cazes & Mas Baux: Organic Wineries in Roussillon


Went to a tasting of Roussillon wines at the Maison de la Region Languedoc-Roussillon and discovered two organic and biodynamic wineries at the event.

Domaine Cazes claims to be largest organic/biodynamic winery in France, led by cousins Lionel Lavail and Nicolas Batlle. On the smaller end of the scale is Mas Baux which farms 12 hectares, compared to the 220 hectares of Cazes. They are currently in their second year of obtaining organic certification. When winemaker and owner Serge Baux decided late in life he wanted to make wine, the local school told him he was too old to learn. We\’re glad he didn\’t listen.


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  1. Always great to read about winegrowers who are making the extra effort.

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