Winemaker Olivier Cousin Needs Your Help!


We\’ve had the pleasure of meeting winemaker Olivier Cousin many times here in NYC and we\’re big fans of his wines. His sense of humor and his distaste for the French AOC system has landed him in serious trouble. From the Jenny & Francois blog:

A distributor of Olivier’s in Europe, in attempt to have a little fun, adorned some of his cases with “Appellation Olivier Cousin.” They were poking fun at the system, and at the same time making a statement that Olivier’s wines are entirely unique, and also more representative of the AOC Anjou than most AOC Anjou wines, since his wines are the expression of this unique place and terroir.

Inter Loire has responded to this joke with very a very serious reprimand. They have locked Olivier’s bank account, and are threatening him with jail time, for this heinous offense, and for using the words “Anjou pur Breton” on his label.

Jenny & Francois have started a petition which we encourage you to sign. While most online petitions may have little impact, this is one instance where a number of angry wine buyers can make a difference.

For more background, here is an article at Decanter.


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