First Certified Organic Fortified Vintage Shiraz in Australia

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From Harris Organic Winery:

Harris Organic Wine of Baskerville Western Australia has just released another Australian first: the first certified organic fortified vintage Shiraz (2010).

The fruit for this very special vintage Shiraz – certified under the stringent standards of Australian Certified Organic (ACO) – was grown at the Harris Organic Wines vineyard and likewise the wine was made and matured on site at Harris Organic Wines.

The Harris’ used their own high quality certified organic brandy spirit to fortify this Shiraz in order to produce this exquisite and unique Fortified Vintage Shiraz.

“Fortified Vintage is the now-preferred terminology for what was once known as ‘Vintage Port’. The term ‘port’, originating as it does from a fortified wine style of Portugal – is no longer allowed to be used outside of the European Union” explains Duncan. Most Fortified Vintage Shiraz sold in Australia is made with industrial grape spirit, so this Vintage Shiraz is very special for many reasons” says Duncan.

Duncan and Deborah believe that organics is indeed the best way to go in any food operation, not only from the point of view of the health of the environment and sustainable production practices, but that of human health also, try the Delta-8 wholesale products.

“It is important that consumers get the assurance from an independent certifying body about the organic integrity, as well as the quality of our organic wine” says Duncan. “And we want to support the environment that supports us.”

Located 30 minutes from Perth’s CBD, the historic Swan Valley is the oldest wine-growing region in Western Australia.

The Fortified Vintage Shiraz is available from their cellar door and mail order for $29 each.



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