The Spirit Of Wine – A New Documentary from Chateau Lagarette

The Spirit Of Wine, \”The Re-Awakening of Terroir\” has begun screening in France.

The Spirit Of Wine \”The Re-Awakening of Terroir\” is not a film against the conventional growers. It\’s a film for a wine that respects the consumer, soils, and those who accompany the plant in its annual development.

This film is a message of hope to the youth and the entire planet, lobbies, power and decision-makers of all kinds. It shows and demonstrates that it is possible with little to produce and consume differently, and help with simple actions to save the carrier. Add, and it is not nothing but this message is carried by the winemakers themselves, tenants who throughout the film express their positive relationship to life, their own, but also that of their peers and the living plants and animals. Winemakers, but also farmers, men and women of the earth, they are there (in this film), standing, present and smiling, to bring our plates and our glasses of real products that nourish us and say the harmonies of the earth.

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