Virgile Joly in The Vine Route

Nice write up of Virgile Joly in the Vine Route:

People don’t understand what “bio” means with a wine, he explains. “It’s our duty, as farmers, as winemakers, to explain our work, especially when you produce an organic product.” So he started a wine-tasting program that involves a seminar every other Saturday. These seminars explain organic farming, the notion of terroir for a wine, the bio-certification process, and how it affects a wine’s taste and composition.

The attitude that flaws, such as oxidation, barnyard aromas, or sediment, are a good sign, because they prove that the wine is “natural,” strikes him as ludicrous. “It’s clear,” he says, “that you can’t make a wine with a ‘philosophy’. Making wine is essentially a technical problem,” he explains.

“I want to make wines to drink. High-quality wines that are refined and elegant. Wines that bring pleasure to people, and that just happen to be organic,” he adds.


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