Biodynamic Wine Makers Swim Against The Tide

Marcel Michelson writing for Reuters:

In the shadow of the big Vinexpo wine and spirits industry fair here last month, a group of international wine-makers gathered to promote wines that go against the mega-commercial trend to sell ever larger uniform quantities to big markets such as the United States or the growing markets of China and Russia.

Under the banner “Return to Terroir” several vintners presented their wines, made according to biodynamic growth rules and in small quantities, in the Bordeaux theatre as a fringe event to the Vinexpo in big halls outside of the city.

Biodynamic wine was once the preserve of alternative lifestyle types, but increased consumer concern about genetically modified food and the use of chemicals in agriculture has made organic farming and its more specific cousin biodynamic agriculture a mainstream pre-occupation for consumers in Europe and elsewhere.


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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I am under the impression that wine has been crafted naturally, without the use of petrochemical pesticides and fertilizers, for centuries. That leads me to believe that the pendulum sent swinging toward such viticultural intrusions should not be the standard here, as the arc is only returning to center, inviting grapes to dance biologically, genetically and chemically, in time to nature’s music.

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