I Don\’t Trust You – W. Blake Gray

At a recent conference in Barcelona, Dr. Richard Smart slammed organic and biodynamic winemaking practices. Over at The Gray Report, W. Blake Gray gave an impassioned response:

Here, in four words that wine businesses won\’t like, is the entirety of my argument for certified biodynamic and organic viticulture:

I don\’t trust you.

I have to add that many of the dozens of vineyard visits I make every year don\’t do anything to alleviate my overall trust issue. I have stopped writing down the following statement because I hear it so often: \”We\’re almost totally organic but we\’re not certified because we need the leeway when necessary (or certification costs too much).\” I know it\’s true — I would probably even be that kind of farmer myself. And yet, here I am in a vineyard in Spain or Chile or New Zealand or wherever, and I\’ll never be back, and how do I know if they really believe this philosophy or they\’re reciting the quote because their PR person told them it\’s the best way to answer the \”are you organic?\” question?

Organic or biodynamic certification means I don\’t have to go to the vineyard myself and break bread with the grower. It means I don\’t have to show up after a hard rain to see what you\’re spraying. It means I don\’t have to look through your purchase orders to see what kind of herbicides you bought.

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