Legislation Threatens The Diversity Of New York’s Wine Market – Dr. Vino

Someone always wants to ruin a good thing. From Dr. Vino:

Representative Robin Schimminger has introduced a bill to the Assembly that would make it possible for restaurants and retail shops to only purchase wine from a “primary source,” that is to say, only from the distributors authorized to sell the wines. So the wine director at a restaurant like Nice Matin who wanted to acquire old vintages of certain wines could only do so through the distributor. And if the distributor did not carry the wines, then the wines could not be purchased from collectors. And such a wine list would likely not exist then in NYC.

Older or rare bottles often find their way into New York via what’s called the “gray market.” It’s a legal yet untraditional channel that brings many exciting back vintages and other hard-too-find wines, wines that may not be of interest large distributors yet are the very wines that quicken the pulse of wine enthusiasts. Not all states offer such a channel for sourcing wine; Connecticut, for example, has a “primary source” bill that prohibits stores and restaurants from buying older collections. And I know plenty of Connecticut wine enthusiasts who do much of their wine shopping in New York.

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