How Yellow+Blue Is Making a Difference in the Wine Business


Three things you don\’t usually hear in the same sentence: box wines, organic and respect. Y+B is changing that.


For quick-drinking wines, Cain broke the glass mold when he launched in 2008. He chose finished wines from organic wineries and, instead of bottling at the source, he shipped the adult juice to North America in insulated steel tanks. The cost to Y+B is about 40 percent more than using flexitanks (big plastic bags inside shipping containers), a common bulk shipping method. But maintaining the wine\’s temperature in transit ensures a quality product on wine delivery. And, Cain says, the environmental impact is substantially minimized: \”We measured our carbon footprint, officially, and it\’s half of what it would be if we shipped the exact same wine from the exact same place in glass.\”

Once Y&B\’s organic wine arrives on North American soil, it\’s packaged in–wait for it–boxes.

Read the rest at Y+B made their 2011 list of 100 Brilliant Companies.


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