Organic Producers Fret Over Natural Wine – Jancis Robinson

Natural wine has no set definition or governing body – so of course people want to give it a definition and a governing body. Interesting piece by Jancis Robinson about organic winemaker\’s attitudes towards the movement.

As if to spoil the party, Vinceremos, a UK wine importer that has for years specialised in organic wines (including a range of \’no added sulphur\’ wines), has just published the results of a survey of its European wine suppliers on the hot topic of natural wines. They are not happy about the vague nature of what constitutes a natural wine and the current informal nature of the movement (see my views in Naked as nature intended?). Vinceremos are suggesting that this unruly bunch need proper regulation – and indeed it must be rather galling for those producers who have gone through the painstaking process of formal organic accreditation to see those who haven\’t, benefiting from the current natural wine buzz.

The current situation is that, while many of those selling their wines as \’natural\’ are certified organic or biodynamic, by no means all are. Vinceremos are concerned particularly about those operating outside the strictures of the certifying bodies. Their edited report follows.

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