Why isn\’t more wine \’organic\’?

Here\’s another article discussing the organic labeling laws from the Los Angeles Times.

On a smaller note though, one of our pet peeves is when articles take this slightly confusing issue and make it more confusing by adding in biodynamic, natural and sustainable wines and not properly explaining them. It\’s just easier to say \”wow, it\’s all one big mess.\”

As a result, even though organic food is one of the fastest-growing categories in the supermarket, \”organic wine\” is an afterthought. No large producers make it. Other types of eco-friendly wine have stepped in to fill the breach, including biodynamic, sustainable and \”natural wine,\” which may have weak or even no official standards. Wine drinkers looking for a healthful, green product face confusing choices, and wineries can claim they\’re eco-friendly without anyone really checking.

Biodynamics does have standards, and they are anything but weak. Natural wine is a loose term used to represent certain practices. There is no governing body and no one puts \”Natural Wine\” on a label.


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