Cabernet Sauvignon overtakes Zinfandel – Says Google Books

\"\"Cabernet Sauvignon is more popular than Zinfandel, but Merlot has them both beat. This is according to the new Google Ngram Viewer from Google Labs, which lets you enter search terms and see how often they\’ve been mentioned in books over the past five hundred years. Zinfandel was holding its own, until 1998 when Cabernet Sauvignon caught up and kept on going.

Merlot\’s rise to fame started around 1994 and has eclipsed the other two grapes by almost double. Surprisingly enough, Merlot flatlined around 2004 – the year the film Sideways let people know what wine snobs thought of their popular drink. The effect didn\’t last though, and it started picking up again in 2005. Try Google Ngram Viewer yourself.


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