Monty Waldin\’s Biodynamic Wine Guide 2011


Our friend Monty Waldin has just published his new book, Monty Waldin\’s Biodynamic Wine Guide 2011.

This is the most comprehensive guide to biodynamic wine ever written. Author Monty Waldin began writing and broadcasting about biodynamic wine back in 1995 when biodynamics was deeply unfashionable and Waldin was seen as a maverick. Now biodynamics has become the most talked-about trend in contemporary wine because so many of the world\’s top vineyards are going biodynamic and staying biodynamic because the technique helps them make more individual-tasting, better quality wines. Waldin explains clearly and concisely how biodynamic wine is grown and how it differs from both organic and conventional wine. In addition over 1,500 wineries worldwide are profiled which are either fully biodynamic, part-biodynamic and part-organic, or just organic. This book will appeal to wine lovers curious about biodynamics and to wine professionals needing hard facts about what biodynamics is, and which wineries are doing it.

The book is available online at


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