A New Charter For The European Organic Wines

It was expected that the 2010 harvesting would be carried out by applying the new EU regulations for the production and labeling of wine and derivates. Unlucky, this was no possible because of the lack of political agreement at this regard at the European Commission the last June. Then, the proposal for a new regulation on the organic wine has been withdrawn.

Hence the official definition remains “wine produced from organic grapes” and it is still not possible to draw on the label the European Organic Logo.

To go over this paradoxical situation the Organic wine producer associations of different European countries decided to launch an European Charter of Organic wine (CEVinBio), based on (and improved in respect of) the draft of the European Commission and on the results of the international research program ORWINE.

The CEVinBio will allow the wine producers to make the best of their ethics of organic production, not only on the fields, but also in the cellar and even to the final customer. Their wine will be still labeled with the old definition of “produced from organic grapes” but they will also show some information about the virtuous processing of the grapes (e.g. the reduction of sulfites).

Read the full story: A new charter for the european organic wines.


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