Amy Atwood: Portrait of a Natural Wine Seller as a Young Woman

Organic Wine Journal contributor Amy Atwood just posted her article for 32 Days of Natural Wine:

Okay, so by now I knew a thing or two about selling wine. But over the past few years my personal wine palate had changed. I could no longer stomach the big, oaky wines that so many new world producers were making. I read Alice Feiring’s The Battle For Wine and Love, which has been an eye-opener for many wine lovers seeking more authentic wines. I started seeking out these wines that had been less chemically manipulated, both for the flavors and aromas but also because of a philosophical synergy.

At the same time, I was shopping at farmers markets in Los Angeles. I went out of my way to buy only organic fruit and vegetables. I found that my passion for both drinking and selling wine was re-awakened.

So it made sense to take the plunge and sell only the wines I loved. I sunk my tiny little nest egg into purchasing wines from importers like Savio Soares as well as domestic producers like La Clarine Farm and Donkey & Goat, and representing them in the California market. Virtually all of the wines I sell are ‘hand-sell’ wines from small producers, and yes many of them farm organically and use very minimal intervention in the cellar. I literally put my money where my mouth is. Scary? Hell yes. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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