Harris Wines – First Certified Organic Brandy from Australia

Organic Brandy is now available from Harris Organic Wines in Perth\’s Swan Valley.

The brandy – certified by the body Australian Certified Organic (ACO) – is distilled and matured in oak casks on the premises at Harris Organic Wines.

Being certified organic means that there is no other brandy like this in Australia. Matured into a smooth high quality cognac style with flavours of almond, coconut, fig, vanilla, apricot, hazelnut, caramel and nutmeg.

“Most brandy sold in Australia is imported, so this brandy is very special for many reasons” says Duncan.

Duncan and Deborah believe that organics is indeed the best way to go in any food operation, not only from the point of view of human health, but just as importantly the health of the environment and so sustainable production practices.

“It is important that our customers get the assurance from an independent certifying body about the organic integrity, as well as the quality of our organic wine” says Duncan.

“Although our vineyard and winery is very small, the organics movement itself is part of a larger world-wide realisation that we have to become conscious consumers – to give something back to the lived environment. Informed consumers want to know what is going into their goods and foods, and the reassurance that production has not been harmful to the environment – and more power to them!”.

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