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We like their organic and biodynamic practices, but we\’ve recently learned of another reason to appreciate Napa Valley\’s Ehlers Estate. One hundred percent of their proceeds go to the Leducq Foundation, a non-profit foundation dedicated to funding international cardiovascular research.

As a passionate philanthropist and a longtime sufferer from heart disease, Jean Leducq, and his wife Sylviane, established the Leducq Foundation to help fund cardiovascular research in 1996. The foundation was created with the idea that the fight against cardiovascular disease is international in scope. By forging and funding scientific alliances that transcend national borders, it efficiently uses its resources to support innovative cardiovascular research, while promoting international cooperation. No other foundation focuses in this area, and very few make international collaboration a cornerstone of the granting process.

Early on, the foundation was able to benefit from the help of eminent leaders in cardiology and cardiovascular surgery, who, in an inaugural meeting held in Paris in 1999, helped to define the mission, objectives and guidelines of the foundation. The Leducq Foundation awarded its first research grants in both Europe and the United States later that same year. 

As part of its endowment, the Leducq Foundation holds Ehlers Estate in trust, with all proceeds from the sale of Ehlers Estate wines supporting the foundation’s philanthropic mission.

They say a glass of red wine a day is good for your heart. In the case of Ehlers Estate that would seem to be twice as true.


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  1. Duane Cronk Avatar
    Duane Cronk

    Mr. Morganstern,

    There is an inspirational article in the latest issue of North Bay Business by the wine-maker at Ehlers Estate in St. Helena, CA. Sounds like a story for you.

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